Frequently Asked House Cleaning Questions

LeSuer Cleaning Services

Do you offer services during Master's week?

Yes, we offer residential cleaning services during Master's Week. We will take care of general home cleaning for the guests that are staying at your rental property. We will come in after the guests leave for the day and provide kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and general home cleaning services. In addition, during Master's Week we will replace towels and tidy up your bedroom by making your bed and replacing your sheets if desired.

What services do you NOT provide?

LeSuer Cleaning Services are extensive. During deep cleaning we will clean shutters and blinds. If you would like this done during a routine home cleaning then let us know and we can work this in at an additional charge upon request. However, our residential cleaners do not do not wash clothes, towels, linens, and dishes typically. During Master's Week we will wash towels, sheets, and dishes for our clients.

In addition, our residential cleaning company does not clean drapes and curtains. .

Do I need to do any preparation before you clean my home?

Yes, prior to residential cleaning please be sure that your house is picked up and tidy.

How do you determine the price of your service?

Our residential cleaning service fee varies based on the house. Our cleaning company provides every house with a FREE estimate. Our residential cleaner will evaluate your home and come up with a cleaning price based on a variety of factors including the condition and size of your home

Furthermore, our residential cleaning services depend on other factors such as whether the house is occupied or vacant, and how much furniture is in the house.

Every house is unique and we offer competitive residential cleaning service rates!

Are you insured?

Yes, LeSuer Cleaning Services is insured.

What do I do with my pet while you are in my home?

If you have a pet, we recommend that your pet be left outside or placed in a kennel prior to us coming to provide residential cleaning services. You can also put your pet in another room that does not need to be cleaned.

Our home cleaning company recommends this to ensure that we are able to property clean your home. Please talk with us to determine what is best for you and your pet.

Who will actually be cleaning my home?

Initially, either myself or my wife will be present and will work with our members of staff while cleaning your home.

Later down the road once you have built rapport with your cleaning crew, they will come to clean your home alone. Until then, either myself or my wife will always be present for your residential cleaning service.

Do you bring own supplies and equipment for residential and commercial cleaning services?

We provide all cleaning supplies, equipment, and labor for our residential and commercial cleaning services. The only thing we request are paper towels, trash bags, or any specialty cleaners. For example, stainless steel cleaner.

If at any point in time you do not like the cleaners that we use, you may provide the cleaner that you prefer and we will use that instead.